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My personal struggles with Green Thinking

First and foremost I would like to thank you for your time and to say that this blog is the thoughts and actions of myself only.  This blog is for the promotion of myself, my thoughts and the promotion of a 4_profit Green business plan that is centered around the inventions created by myself.  Crosspoint Solar and Organic is the name of My Green Plan.

In order to sell my plan I believe that I need to show how I arrived at facts that formed my train of thoughts.

In a 1972 construction technology class our teacher required that we invent a home of the future and to draw a working plan and a scale model of this home. My wife and I built this home in 1991 and live in this home today. My dream in the 70’s was to become the worlds largest solar home builder, but still stuck on one. This home was what I believed to be an answer to a time of high cost oil/ embargoes, Wars and a broke Government.

In the mid 70’s I built a Solar Shower with a solar water heater I invented and tried to market in the 80’s
Like anyone who has tried and failed in something that meant everything (it never goes away) but only set aside until fixed or the right time.


From this point on, is my My Green Plan.      (November 24,2012 Noon)

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